Zam General Contracting Company LLC to provide all solutions to the scaffolding and industrial products to the local market and re-export market. We are specialist in local as well as international sourcing of all products. The Company has a procurement team with a proven experience and extensive local, regional and international market knowledge. It has a capability to source and supply on time, this Company can source products and services to the required specifications at competitive prices.

It is our belief that it is not what we market, but how we relate to the people we do business with, that is what it differentiates us and sets us apart from others. Yes, the innovations and advancement in product designs will always propel us and our industry forward. But at the end of the day, it is the trust we build, the confidence we inspire that really puts us ahead.

The company has involved in every stage of the supply cycle, from dealing directly with suppliers to delivering our products directly to the client. We are committed in extending best quality service. Check out our different Scaffolding and Industrial products provided by the Company. We look forward for your enquiries and feel free to contact us.

Scaffolding Board

LVL Boards (OSHA Standard)

Wooden Boards BS 2482

Steel Boards

Steel Boards

4mm x 48.3mm x 6000 mm – BS 1139 Grade

3.2mm x 48.3mm x 6000mm – EN 10219 Grade

Galvanised Tubes

Galvanised Tubes

Black Tubes

Cuplock scaffolding system

With such a wide range of portable ladders to choose from, select the one that serves every purpose of your use. From personal to industrial use, there is one for everyone.

These ladders will help you complete your work safely.

Extension Ladder

Galvanised Beam Ladder

Painted Beam Ladder

Aluminium Multi Ladder

Single Ladder Straight

Frame Scaffolding System

Also known as the H frame scaffolding is one of the commonly used Scaffolds as they are easy to use, economical and are suited best for Both inside and outside constructions. Easy erection and dismantle is one.

These are available in different heights and widths for all types of jobs.

Accurate Fittings
Time saving during assembly and dismantling ergonomically comfortable handling.

Flexible in Use
Suitable for every trade

Extensive Range
Extensive and complete range of parts Structure-based standard lengths — 0.73 and 1.09 metres wide depending on loads and applications.

Mobile Scaffolding

Our mobile tower scaffolding systems are designed to provide fast and easy assembly to the user. These quality tower systems enable Low cost maintenance and easy movement in any direction. Even the most difficult work would seem easy with our mobile tower Scaffolding systems. These scaffolding systems can withstand the weight of several persons at once and facilitates safe workplace for all workers.

Advantages in assembly, use and transport due to light weight and hand parts.

High feeling of safety when working

Complete Range
A few basic parts — matching the complete of towers range of the various rolling towers.


Cuplock Standard

Cuplock Transom

Cuplock Ledger

Ladder & Lattice Beams

Scaffolding Ladder Beams

Ladder Beams are used where clear span is required in scaffolding or where greater strength is required in the horizontal members. Available in lengths up to 6m and can produce longer length

Scaffolding Ladders

Scaffolding used for access from one elevation to other Conforming to EN 131 Class 1 Available in lengths up to 6m and can produce longer length

Lattice Beams

Alloys lattice beam are stronger, lighter than a traditional steel beam it does exactly the same thing really but can be much cheaper and easier to install due to the lattice beam weighing up to 50% less than it’s I beam counterpart